Saint Tysilio's Church Sellack

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Sellack Church Organ

The present organ was installed, we believe, in 1897 although there was certainly an organ in the church well before that as some of the existing pipework is generally thought to have been salvaged from an earlier instrument. Until the early 1920s, it stood on the ground floor under the loft where it is today. It was moved, not for any musical consideration, but simply because the church did occasionally flood at that time. So almost by accident it stands in the correct position; elevated in the west end in the original minstrels’ gallery.

The organ underwent a full clean and restoration in 1992, by Keith Jones of Ruardean, Gloucestershire, when turning slides were added; replacing the more crude ‘bung and hammer’ system. The harmonic flute stop was replaced with a 2’ 15th which gives a beautiful bright sound on the top end. During the restoration attention was given to the superb oak case and the hitherto virtually unseen carving is now picked out with spotlights.

The organ is used to accompany services most Sundays and played an important part in the many ‘Music on a Summer’s Evening’ concerts.

Specification of Sellack Church Organ @ 25th September, 2004

Single manual 56 notes – C – G tracker action

Pedal board – single radius 30 notes – C – F pneumatic action

8 stops

  • Great to pedals
  • Open Diapason 8’
  • Charabelle
  • Dulciana 8’
  • Gamba 8’
  • Principal 4’
  • Fifteenth 2’
  • Pedal Bourdon 16’

Two Combination pedals

Shutter swell pedal

Electric blower motor – but manual blower still in working order