Saint Tysilio's Church Sellack

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For your interest we have reported below on some of the recent events. We hope you will see from this page that we have a vibrant and caring community and welcome visitors to the church.

St Tysilio's Patronal All Age Children's Festival - 3rd November 2019

Sunday 3rd November saw the church full of people of all ages enjoying a lively celebration of the life of St Tysilio. ‘Celebrate Puppets’ from the Forest of Dean presented a puppet show depicting his life’s journey. Click on this link to watch the show. Many children took part in the service demonstrating how spreading the word of Jesus from one to another can quickly become infectious; showing how the word was spread right from the early days of the disciples. Everyone was encouraged to write or draw prayers which were then displayed by the children on a giant candle representing Jesus as the light of the world. The collection, along with donated food items, was given to the Ross Larder. Many stayed after the service to enjoy a chat, cake and cider.

Tim takes to the Plough - Saturday 14th September 2019

Saturday 14th September was a perfect morning for the Six Nations' Ploughing Championships at Sellack with Revd. Tim blessing the plough before the action began. Following the blessing Tim thought he'd have a go on an ancient grey Fergie! He said that he loved his morning there but it was quite a challenge to get off a tractor in clergy wear!!

Bridge Service - Sunday 16th July 2017

It was a real treat for the 50 or so people who came to this year's Bridge Service on 16th July. The weather was perfect and we sang six good tuneful hymns accompanied by the Lydbrook Silver Band. In this idyllic spot, with both spires visible, the evening was rounded off with a BBQ, generously provided by Philip and Christine Brandon Jones.

This is an annual 'Songs of Praise' service to celebrate the joining of the of the two parishes of Sellack and Kings Caple by the Victorian footbridge. This service has been held in July since 1995 when we celebrated the 100th birthday of the bridge. Prior to this the parishes were joined by ferry at this point. The building of the bridge was instigated by the then vicar serving both parishes, as he had apparently had some near mishaps attempting the crossing in all weathers. 

Thanks to everyone who made this year's gathering such a memorable success and long may the tradition continue.

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - Saturday 17th June 2017

We were blessed with beautiful weather for our latest foray into the bard’s works and everyone enjoyed the Rain or Shine production of Twelfth Night. The picnic in the gardens of the Caradoc Estate to the sound of the Lydbrook band was idyllic and then we all made our way via the ice cream stand to the old stable yard for the performance itself. As last year the peacocks decided to join in and this quickly became a feature of the play. As well as an enjoyable time we managed to raise some £1,500 towards further improvements to the church building.

New Church Signpost - 26 February 2017

On Sunday morning before the service a small group gathered around the new sign to offer a prayer. The Revd Crispin gave a blessing and hoped that this sign would guide visitors and travellers for many years towards our Church.

Installation of Toilet and Catering Facilities

Fascinating discoveries as work gets underway to install facilities in our church. Remains found in the base of the 15th-century bell tower and a sealed crypt discovered under the raised floor of the Pengethly Chapel. Six bodies were unearthed in the broom cupboard which is being converted to a toilet. Five date from around 1600, we believe, because they had been buried in woollen shrouds; coffins were not used at that time. They seem to be of young people and as the grave was not marked are likely to have been of a middle ranking social class; not buried in the churchyard nor quite in the church. The 6th corpse was found half in the space and half in the wall of the tower which suggests that they were buried before 1420 when the tower was built. Their remains will be re-interred at a suitable ceremony and with due dignity by the vicar as the work settles down and the risk of further discoveries is reduced. However at the Sunday Service we prayed for their souls and hoped that they would be happy to see the church they once attended being improved, updated and still loved and used. 

The crypt is still sealed and will remain so. Finding it was a huge surprise. Not even the oldest resident was aware of its existence. We would need a licence from a consistuary court to open the vault if we wished to fill it in. Given that it may contain lead lined coffins there would then be a remote chance that spores of anthrax or plague could be present; so special precautions would need to be taken. In the light of this we have decided to replace the flagstones as they were and have a split level meeting area. We will publish the archaeologists full report on the website when it arrives.

See pictures on our gallery page.

This is all exciting history on our doorstep but inevitably is causing delay on the project and increased costs. Two archaeologists are working with us and obviously have to be funded along with variations in the building programme. We will redouble our efforts to find grants and raise funds.

We would be most grateful for any help anyone can offer and donations to help this project can be sent to our treasure Carol Bourne - 01989 730932

Parish church treasures

Stained glass revival

The 9th December 2015 issue of Country Life magazine has an article by John Goodall on the East Window of St. Tysilio's with a lovely photograph of the window taken by Paul Barker. 


St. Tysilio's Spire Restoration is complete!

We are happy to report that work is now finished and it is good see the spire again free of scaffolding. Stuart, the builder, and his team have done a beautifully sympathetic job and we send our thanks to them. See photographs in our gallery detailing the work done. The main crack is filled with mortar but the strength of the repair to the rib is achieved by the insertion of stainless steel rods through discreet small drillings; thus maintaining the facade of the stonework.

Thanks to all who have supported the cause, especially the hardworking fundraising team, which has ensured St. Tysilio's will be in fine repair for generations to come.